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13 November 1968
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At this point I'm aspiring-to-be-a-published writer, but that should be changing soon. I have two stories that have been tentatively accepted for publication - once I get the contracts, I'll be popping open the champagne (cheap champagne as short stories don't exactly pay the mortgage) and then babbling incessantly about them. I've got a several other stories under consideration and am working on a few more.

As a fan of speculative fiction and slipstream genres, I like to come at things slightly askew, offer new twists on old tales and leave the reader with a story that will stay with them long after the pages have been turned. I tend to write darker horror, lighter fantasy and hints of science fiction. That's why I like speculative fiction - the possibilities are endless.

I also write slightly more adult content (*cough*smut*cough*) under a different name in order to protect the innocent (mainly my mother from asking for a copy) and have a story coming out through an e-publisher this summer.